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New Brunswick Celebrates FishNB days this weekend

Both residents and non-residents that find themselves in New Brunswick on this coming weekend will have a great opportunity to take advantage of fishing our many inland waters, free of charge! Fish NB days fall on Saturday, June 3rd along with Sunday, June 4th in 2017. On these days, whether or not you reside in the province or normally buy a fishing license, you can take advantage of many great inland angling opportunities, license free!

The province has a long and storied history in angling, and this is a way to celebrate that history and encourage everyone to get out and on the water! Wilderness Obsession sees this as a great opportunity for our readers to get out and not only enjoy this weekend, but take a young person fishing with you!

If you’re looking for something to do tomorrow, some of our local fish and wildlife groups tend to take advantage of the Fish NB days to offer fishing tournaments, mostly focusing on getting youth involved! Here is a list of events that we have been made aware of, with location:


Cassidy Lake Pickerel Derby – sunrise to 12 noon

$10.00 UNDER 16
$15.00 PER ADULT
$25.00 FAMILY OF 4

Sackville Rod and Gun Fishing Derby – 9am to noon

(Registration is already full)

Eco-Logical Adventures Paddlers Derby, Oromocto, NB


We love to celebrate those tournaments that are really focused on kids. One example is the Cassidy Lake Pickerel Derby, held by the Sussex Fish and Game Club. With a BBQ, prizes for every participants, and a focus largely on the next generation of anglers, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of some solid chain pickerel fishing without the need for an angling license. The Sackville Rod and Gun Club also are holding their annual fishing derby this weekend in Rockport, NB, where 65 children between the ages of 5 and 15 will be able to fish a pond stocked with 12” and larger brook trout with many prizes offered (note – this tournament is largely funded by the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund, through license purchases). Both of these tournaments (and others) focus on children, hoping to bring lots of smiles and memories, along with instilling a passion for angling that will last a lifetime!

The Fish NB days come with a couple of caveats to remember, however. First, if you have had your license privileges suspended in this (or another) jurisdiction, you are not allowed to fish on these days. Secondly, if you are angling for landlocked salmon in the province and wish to retain one within 48 and 63 cm (fork-length), you would require a salmon license and the use of one of your four tags. And thirdly, anglers are reminded that normal fishing regulations still apply so you may wish to familiarize yourself with the fishing summary and regulations in force for the area where you will be angling! As the province notes on their website,

“All current bag limits, closures and other restrictions are still in effect on Fish New Brunswick Days. Access to private waters, Crown Reserve waters and Crown Leases is still restricted.”

Teaching the next generation of anglers

Whether you’re a new angler to our province, or someone who perhaps hasn’t fished in a number of years… this is an excellent opportunity to get on the water! If you’re looking for tips, locations, or information on gear we suggest… feel free to contact us and we’ll respond to each one!

On Fish NB days, we know where we’ll be… out on the water with kids in tow! Will you?


(NOTE – if you have a Fish NB event you would like us to help promote, please feel free to contact us and we will definitely include your information!)

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