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Lodging Review - Point Sebago

Because this is an outdoor website, our reviews on the lodging offered will focus on amenities for those looking to take part in hunting and fishing in the area, rather than the activities for an average family vacation. We may from time to time touch on the extra activities that may be of interest, but please keep in mind that these sort of activities are not those that we have likely taken in. For our stays, our purpose is solely for outdoor events such as hunting, fishing, boating, etc.

Point Sebago is located on the Sebago Lake, in Casco, Maine. We have stayed there on at least four locations to this point, in several different types of lodging for hunting and fishing trips. We are always treated amazingly. We have gone there as small groups or several times as part of a group trip. The resort has hosted the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation/ National Wild Turkey Federation Hoot and Shoot event, where young people get a chance to learn about wild turkeys, safety, conservation, and get a chance to pursue the birds!


Lodging -

Park Homes – We typically stay in park homes during our trips. They are 400 square feet which is about 50% larger than a typical hotel room. We have found them to be perfect for our needs. They have two bedrooms and a pull out couch (sleeps 6). With three-piece bathroom, heat, a combined kitchen/living room, large deck, and fire pit outside they offer a lot of flexibility for a hunting/fishing party. They also have a full refrigerator and stove, along with all basic kitchen utensils you will need, which can help you save money by cooking some of your own meals while on your trip.

Fall View of Park Homes

Island Lodge – This amazing 3-floor lodge is one of the best places we have stayed at across any resort. There is a full kitchen, seven bedrooms (sleeps 24), five full bathrooms, 2 full kitchens, 2 living rooms and 2 dens, cable TV and free wifi... this place is made for your next retreat! It has a water view on three sides, a huge deck, and fire pits with spacious yard. This is the typical meeting place for the aforementioned CWTF/NWTF Hoot and Shoot event, and it is wonderful. The group event coordinator always meets any needs we have and goes out of her way to make sure everything is perfect. This is likely out of the price range for most family trips, but if you're looking to plan a group hunting/fishing event, you will be impressed!

Camp Sites – Point Sebago offers 100 RV, Tent Trailer, and tenting sites. It was originally formed as a campground so it has kept these sites to preserve the roots. The Wilderness Obession group has not yet reviewed these camp sites on our travels.

Resort Cottages – These are 2-bedroom cottages that are nearly twice the size of a park home. They typically offer 2 bedrooms, living area, kitchen area, bath and equipped kitchen. Wilderness Obsession has not yet reviewed these cottages on our travels.

Vacation homes – These are the largest single-family option offered by Point Sebago, with over 900 square feet of living space. These are 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom fully furnished vacation homes. Wilderness Obsession has not yet reviewed these cottages on our travels.

Price – Depending on the lodging and season of booking, as low as $89 per night for a park home up to as much as $1070 per night for the island lodge. Campsites through mid week can be booked as low as $60 per night (unserviced) depending on the season.

The price of the stay depends on what type of lodging you are looking for. We typically stay during the offseason, when demand is lower. In the early spring or late fall, the price is a bit more flexible for your trips.

Regular price fluctuates through the year. Group rates are available.

Island Lodge at Point Sebago


Area Hunting and Fishing Opportunities -

Southern Maine is a hotbed of hunting and fishing opportunities. We have travelled there in both spring and fall to chase wild turkeys, and typically stay at Point Sebago. The turkey population in Southern Maine offers a high chance of a harvest in both spring and fall. In addition, we always have seen a number of whitetail deer on our trips, ruffed grouse are numerous, and the area has good moose sign (although a moose licence depends on winning a lottery).

Although (Canadian/American) non-residents are able to hunt in Maine without being required to purchase a guide, we would highly recommend one if you are planning a trip. Southern Maine is heavily populated and unless you are familiar with the area, you are likely to have difficulties finding huntable land. Asking for permission to hunt is always recommended and this is hard on a limited time trip. There is some public accessible land in Southern Maine, but a local guide will give you a leg up. We have enjoyed our trip with Tenth Legion Guides (reviewed here). They specialize in turkeys but are hunting/fishing obsessed so they could offer other species as well. Highly recommended!

Additionally, fishing opportunities in the Sebago Lake area are very readily available. The resort is right on Sebago Lake and boats are available for rental (fishing boats, canoes, kayaks, powerboats, and more). They have a protected cove and you can explore Sebago Lake, the Songo River, Brandy Pond, and Long Lake amounting to over 55 miles of inland waterways. Sebago Lake is the deepest lake in Maine, and offers great landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. Terrific crappie fishing may also be found nearby.

Sebago Lake View

Hunting/Fishing licensing information for residents and nonresidents of Maine can be found on the Maine Department of Inland Fishing and Wildlife website here. For Canadians looking to bring their firearms into the United States to hunt, be sure to fill out the appropriate paperwork (ATF F 6NIA) found on the ATF website here, well in advance of your trip. We have found the process to be very smooth and generally pain-free crossing the border, so long as you have gotten the proper approvals in advance and adhere to the rules. For quickest results, fax in your form and provide a return fax number or email address.


Other events and amenities -

Point Sebago is a very active resort offering themed weekends and a wide variety of on-site amenities. They have an 18-hole golf course, a mile of sandy beach, a marina, 2 lounges, general store and snack bar, tennis courts, and numerous other activities. We have stayed at the lodge on theme weekends but as mentioned, we were there for outdoor activities so we have never taken part. We cannot speak to the quality of these other amenities. A friend of the site has taken his family there on summer vacation and spoke very highly of the experience. He called it a "family-oriented campground with a lot of repeat customers."

"We did the arcade, played in the playground, took out the paddle boats, swam, played volleyball at the beach, took in the kid events they had throughout the day (treasure hunts, talent show, etc). My wife and I dropped the kids off at an excursion and they had certified first- aid trained people to watch them and we as parents could take off for a bit and go wherever we wanted."


Important information -

Point Sebago Dock

The resort is a family one, and although they are open to having hunters stay there they request that you please leave the firearms locked up in the trunks rather than bringing them inside. This has never been a problem for us, but it is something to be aware of. It is just as a courtesy for other guests.


The Bottom Line -

Point Sebago is a great stop for any hunter or fisherman looking to take advantage of outdoor opportunities in Southern Maine! Their down-home staff are accomodating and friendly, and they will make you feel welcome. The resort is active and well-loved so book well in advance!

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