Wayne Ward

Co-Founder - Professional Guide

Wayne has an obsession with the outdoors that began when he could barely walk. Wilderness Obsession has always been a multi-generational legacy in the Ward family, and Wayne has ensured that it continues on through his son. Despite now living in the largest city in New Brunswick, he escapes to pursue everything that walks, flies or swims every chance he gets. Whether spending time in the waters and field in his home province of New Brunswick, or traveling to remote places, he loves everything about the wild. The consumate storyteller and joker, Wayne is quick to tease and will gladly reminisce about adventures and trophies he's seen and taken over the years for as long as you'll let him. Guiding others to a closer relationship with the wilderness has become a true passion for Wayne, and he is just as excited to help someone else to have an outdoor experience as himself. The biggest trophy to him will always be watching someone else smile...


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