Steve Grant

Pro Staff - Hiking & Survival

Growing up in rural New Brunswick, Steve spent more of his time outdoors than indoors from a very young age. Some of his fondest memories are of spending time Hunting, Fishing and Snowmobiling with his Dad. Steve’s passion for the outdoors now manifests itself as him spending as much time as he can Canoeing, Snowshoeing, Hiking or Multi-day Backpacking. He can often be found mentoring others with less experience so they too can enjoy the outdoors with knowledge, experience and confidence. When Steve’s other hobby of working with his hands intersects with his love of the outdoors, he can be found in his workshop creating, customizing or repairing pieces of gear to meet his needs. Steve writes a weekly column, Rambling of an Old Hiker, appearing each and every Wednesday which is sure to entertain, educate, and enthrall us all.


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