Mark Bowser

Pro Staff - Hunting

Mark Bowser was the perfect choice as our hunting pro-staff, even though his experience is far vaster than to limit him only this. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, trapper, and conservationalist who spends almost every spare minute out in the field. Whether managing his woodland, checking a trap line, hunting, fishing, or just spending time enjoying and exploring the outdoors, Mark wants to be outside every chance he gets. He has been a dedicated wilderness-obsessed man his entire life, being taught the ways of a sportsman at an early age by his grandfather (himself an accomplished trapper and hunter ‎as well). A licensed guide, Mark now shares these experiences with anyone who is interested in learning about the outdoors. The motto "born to hunt, forced to work" would be a perfect description of him.

As hunting pro-staff, Mark will share with us some of his experiences, past, present, and future as he seeks out some of the best hunting opportunities this corner of the continent has to offer!


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